Jackson McKeehan works visually through complicated narratives and magical thinking. Referencing pop culture and personal memory and blending with film, performance, and writing, McKeehan explores affect, time, and people and places in in-between spaces.

Jackson was born in the mountains of Montana and raised on a farm in rural Missouri. After studying acting, he went on to pursue a career in fashion design. His menswear collection, Boyswear, received great critical success after just three seasons for its juxtaposing of cultural references and visual punch. Since then, McKeehan has installed controversial sex cushions in a bathhouse, developed relationships with strangers through classified ads, and created multiple video installation projects. Jackson’s design work has been featured in The New York Times, WWD, The LA Times, and more. He has told stories at The Moth Story Slam, as well as on podcasts such as Risk! True Tales Boldly Told. He is currently working on his first film.